Patricia McMahon, Psy.D.

Approach, Credentials and Activities

Chicago psychologistWhen in counseling with me, you will better understand where and how you have the most control in your life.   Sometimes, these pivot points may be different than either of us expect at first glance.

During your first counseling appointment we will discuss what brought you to contact me. This sets the stage for our work together. As counseling proceeds we will more clearly identify thoughts, feelings, behaviors or experiences that impact your happiness and reaching your life goals.   At times your counseling work may include exploring your past in order to see how it may be influencing your present decisions and relationships. At other times, however, your counseling work will focus directly on your current relationships or immediate issues. Although you will make the decision at each session what we work on, I will raise issues for you to consider.

I use my clinical training combined with my understanding of your background to help you identify a wider range of approaches to living life.   I draw on my ongoing studies in analytic/dynamic, cognitive, and neuropsychology to understand how you make decisions, set goals, and engage relationships. The goal is to identify and explore how your needs, attitudes, thinking and feelings influence your choices and relationships. The deeper understanding that you develop brings your present life into focus and your future outlook can change substantially.

Counseling is different from working with a medical doctor. It is important to recognize that you must make space in your life for counseling on a regular basis. Meeting at regular intervals over a period of time is generally key to progress in your personal understanding and growth. We will work together to agree on the frequency of meetings and overall duration of your counseling that best meets your needs and goals.

Dr. McMahon’s Professional Credentials and Activities

Chicago psychologist

  • Received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 1992 from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology
  • Licensed in Illinois as a Clinical Psychologist to provide psychotherapy and other services since 1992
  • Engages in continuing education on a wide variety of subjects each year through a weekly study group,  conference or workshop attendance
  • Provides services as a solo practitioner
  • Trained and/or held clinical positions in a hospital, two university counseling centers, and a forensic agency
  • Trained and supervised pre-doctoral students studying Clinical Psychology
  • Taught psychology classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Maintains memberships in the American Psychological Association (APA), APA-DIV39 (Psychoanalysis) and APA-DIV29 (Psychotherapy); Illinois Psychological Association (IPA); and the Chicago Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology (CAPP)
  • CAPP President 2006-2007; CAPP Treasurer and member of the Executive Council at various times; currently APA-DIV39/CAPP Representative
  • APA-DIV39-Section IV Secretary 2013-2018
  • IPA – Overcoming Gender Bias Subcommittee
  • PsiAN – Psychotherapy Action Network working to obtain parity and  complete insurance mental health benefits for all US residents

Chicago psychologist

I engage in continuing education throughout each year. I attend conferences that focus upon a variety of issues and client needs. In addition, I have attended a weekly study group lead by master analysts and clinicians for nine months of each year since 1995. In these ways I remain current in my counseling skills.

Chicago psychologist

Chicago Psychologist

Call 847-570-0817 for an initial consultation.

Patricia McMahon, PsyD is a  Clinical Psychologist.  She is licensed in Illinois, is an “in-network” provider with BCBS PPO and Blue Choice policies, and meets with clients in downtown Chicago (60602) and Park Ridge (60068).

Chicago psychologist