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Chicago psychologist Psychotherapy is a very individual process. It empowers many people to better understand their life situations in order to set and reach personal goals, strengthen relationships, improve coping skills, manage loss and grief, or make grounded decisions to adjust to changed life circumstances.

By its structure, psychotherapy allows you to talk concerns or problems through in a secure space, and allows you to explore thoughts, feelings, and problem solving in a way that solitary introspection or conversations with friends and relatives often cannot achieve.

The psychotherapy relationship and process is collaborative. Most times counseling will involve the two of us identifying and exploring your needs, attitudes, thinking and feelings that lead to your specific behaviors or interactions with others. Exploring your goals and what motivates your interactions is very critical as you may feel confused, frustrated, or not in sufficient control of your life when the nuances of your motives and goals are unclear to you. Thus, better understanding your motives in romantic relationships, family interactions and career choices is often a central component of exploration in counseling; this deeper understanding brings your present life into focus, and can result in clearer problem solving, more successful goal attainment and future personal development.

Our collaborative exploration of your past, present or future most effectively identifies whatever impediments interfere with reaching your goals or engaging in satisfying relationships. I draw on my pre- and post- doctoral studies in analytic/dynamic, cognitive, and neuropsychological theory to understand personality, motivation, behavior and relationships. It is my goal to use my experience to help us understand the intricacies of your impasses as well as to identify new ways to reach your goals.

In addition, I bring experience with many client questions and problems to my work with each individual client or couple. Familiar with a wide range of issues — including anxiety, ACOA, ADHD, PTSD, grief, depression, sexuality, sexual identity, acculturation, divorce, eating disorders and life transitions — I have provided psychotherapy services for over 15 years. I have worked with high school, undergraduate and graduate students, and individuals from many cultural backgrounds. My clients have had varied careers, e.g. they have been clinicians, teachers/professors, physicians, lawyers, corporate executives, private business persons, trade workers, mechanics, retail managers and clerks, exotic dancers. I work with individuals who have moved to the live or attend school, individuals who are returning to the U.S. after living abroad, as well as individuals preparing to return to their home country after studying or working in the U.S. I work with individuals struggling with questions about sexuality or past sexual experiences. Thus, I will bring a rich experience with the complexity of many individual life journeys as a life coach to work with you.

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