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Chicago psychologist Psychotherapy — or counseling — is an individual process and is a unique relationship. As you work with a trained psychotherapist, you explore your life and relationships in a way that thinking on your own or conversations with friends and relatives often cannot. It is a relationship that belongs to you and is focused on your needs, desires, and goals.

Psychotherapy can help you better understand your thinking, behaviors, and feelings as they achieve or hinder reaching your personal, career or relationship goals. This may also involve reaching a clearer appreciation of how others experience your behavior. As the process develops you should experience expanded coping skills, but you may also find yourself more comfortably managing feelings associated with loss and grief, or making clearer decisions to adjust to changed life circumstances.

Most importantly, psychotherapy is a collaborative process. I use my understanding of your background and needs to help you to identify a wider range of approaches to living life. As your psychotherapist, I draw on my pre- and post- doctoral studies in analytic/dynamic, cognitive, and neuropsychological theory to understand who you are as an individual. The goal is to identify and explore how your needs, attitudes, thinking and feelings influence your choices, as well as your personal or work relationships. The deeper understanding that you develop brings your present life into focus and new options for the future often present.

Thus, I bring experience with many client questions and problems to my work with each individual client. I consider myself a generalist who works with complex individuals within the context of relationships critical to life. Familiar with a wide range of issues — including anxiety, ACOA, ADHD, PTSD, grief, depression, suicidal feelings or self-harming coping strategies, sexuality, sexual identity, sexual abuse, acculturation, divorce, eating disorders and life transitions — I have provided psychotherapy services for over 20 years. I have worked with high school, undergraduate and graduate students, and individuals from many cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. My clients have worked in many different professions and jobs: they have been teachers/professors, physicians, psychotherapists, lawyers, corporate executives, IT professionals, managers, clerks, trade workers, mechanics, exotic dancers, police officers, as well as current or past members of the armed forces. I work with individuals who are living in the live and/or attend school, individuals who are returning to the U.S. after living abroad, as well as individuals preparing to return to their home country after living in the U.S. Thus, I will bring a rich experience with the complexity of many individual life journeys to your work with me.

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